Central Dakota Children's Choir
Tuition Payment

2021-2022 tuition is due by July 30, 2021.

Sibling Discounts
Families with two or more children in CDCC receive a reduced rate. The oldest child pays full tuition and subsequent children receive a discount.

2nd Choir Discounts
9th grade girls singing in both Kantorei and Angelica pay full price for Kantorei and half price for Angelica. Girls singing in both Angelica and Cantus pay half price for their 2nd choir.

Refundable Volunteer Fee
$60 per family
(paid when tuition is paid)

Volunteer fee will be refunded at the end of the season (June 2022) if a parent of the CDCC singer(s) has volunteered at least twice throughout the season.


Payment Options:

Full Tuition: Pay full tuition by July 30, 2021. If the full tuition is not paid by the due date, a $30 late fee will be assessed.

Monthly Payments: You may also pay tuition in six monthly installments. You must register for this plan through our website by July 30, 2021. Monthly tuition payments are not offered through the choir office. This monthly payment plan is processed through PayPal.

Tuition Assistance: Families with financial need may request tuition assistance. Tuition assistance requests must be made by May 31, 2021. Click here for an online tuition waiver request form.


Online Tuition Payments

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Full Tuition

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Payment Plan

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