Central Dakota Children's Choir


As a result of the audition process, membership in this choir is an honor. This is to be considered a year long commitment towards the success and growth of the choir. Each member is an important part of this group experience, therefore, the progress of this group depends on your consistent attendance, and all rehearsals are required except for the following reasons:

  • A major school conflict,
  • An acute illness,
  • A family emergency

    Attendance will be taken at each rehearsal. Singers are to arrive five minuts early, ready to sing at the assigned time. Arriving late disrupts the rehearsal and limits valuable rehearsal time.

    In the event of an expected absence, please fill out an "I Need to Miss Choir" form, found in the choir binder, before the absence. It alerts the director so that rehearsal adjustments can be made. If something unexpected arises, please have your child bring the completed form when they return to choir.

    Attendance policy

    1. Students are allowed no more than 3 unexcused absences.
    2. Students exceeding this limit will be in jeopardy of losing their position in choir.
    3. Any unexcused absence from a performance could be grounds for dismissal.

    We appeal to your sense of responsibility when reporting absences. It will be necessary for the director to know the reason for each absence. The directors retain the right to use their best judgement in making decisions regarding this subject.





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