Central Dakota Children's Choir

Rehearsal Etiquette

To perform well, the choir needs complete cooperation from everyone during rehearsals. An outstanding choir is one whose members:

  • Are on time,
  • Enter and leave the building quickly and quietly,
  • Stay in designated areas,
  • Go to the bathroom before rehearsal begins,
  • Leave running, yelling, horseplay, food, beverages, and gum at home,
  • Listen carefully to the director,
  • Are attentive listeners,
  • Treat each other with respect, courtesy, and kindness, and,
  • Have a positive attitude.

    Choir is a group experience - everyone needs to cooperate. Singers who do not follow the rules may be asked to sit out the duration of the rehearsal. We will not allow the actions of one child to adversely affect the entire organization.

  • Performance Etiquette

    During a performance a choir is judged as much on its professional behaviour as it is on the performance it offers. Prior to the performance each singer is expected to:

  • Know exactly what he or she is supposed to wear. The singer must inspect all the pieces of his or her uniform the day before the performance to make sure they are clean and wrinkle free,
  • Arrive at the designated, not before, call time for that performance entering the building quickly and quietly,
  • Go the the bathroom before lining up with the choir, and,
  • Listen carefully to all pre-performance instructions.
    While performing, each singer is expected to:
  • Maintain a proper stance with a quiet body,
  • Watch the director, and,
  • Remain focused.

    Remember - whether you are wearing the formal uniform, the CDCC shirt, singing on stage, or simply walking to the parking lot after the concert, YOU ARE REPRESENTING THE CHOIR! Do not remove any parts of the uniform until you are in the car.

    CDCC reserves the right to dismiss any singer who jeopardizes the health or well being of any choir or singer, or exhibits behavior which reflects negatively on CDCC.





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