Central Dakota Children's Choir
Frequently Asked Questions About Auditions:

1. How does my child join CDCC?
All children interested in joining CDCC must audition. Auditions are held in April or May of each year. Please visit the Audition Page for more information about dates, locations and audition registrations.

2. What happens during auditions?
Auditions are in the presence of 2-3 directors and 2-3 children who are also auditioning. No audience is allowed to watch auditions. Singers are asked to:
a. Sing "America" (My Country Tis of Thee) verse 1
b. Sing "Are you Sleeping" in a round with other singers
c. Echo Singing

3. Is the audition scary?
The audition process in not meant to be scary. The choir directors try to make the audition as stress-free as possible for young singers.

4. What do the directors look for in a singer?
The directors listen for the singer's ability to match pitch, follow direction, sing with confidence and to blend as a singer in the choir.

5. How should my child prepare?
No special preparation is necessary for the audition.

6. How will I learn whether or not my child was accepted?
Children who audition will be notified of the results by letter a few weeks after auditions.

7. How much is tuition? What other fees can I expect?
Annual tuition fees range from $230-$400 depending on level of performance group. Other fees include uniform expenses and, for some choirs, travel expenses.

8. Is tuition assistance available?
Yes, tuition assistance is available. CDCC's goal is to provide a quality choral education to all capable singers.

9. Does my child need to participate in their school choir?
Students in Kantorei (grades 7-9), Angelica (grades 9-12) and Cantus (grades 10-12) must be a member of their school choir for the full year to participate in CDCC.

10. Oh no! I missed this year's auditions. Can my child still join CDCC?
If you missed auditions and your child would like to join CDCC, please call the choir office at 258-6516 to inquire about alternative audition opportunities.


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